Dei Verbum, No. 26



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Therefore, through the reading and study of the sacred books “the word of God may spread rapidly and be glorified and the treasure of revelation, entrusted to the Church, may more and more fill the hearts of men. Just as the life of the Church is strengthened through more frequent celebration of the Eucharistic mystery.

The transformative power of the word of God is evident as we read and reflect upon it. It only changes our lives but also empowers us to become instruments of change in the world. Have I formed the Habbit to read and reflect daily on Sacred Scripture?

God, my loving Father, I thank you for the transformative power of your word. As I read and reflect upon it, may it change my life and empower me to be an instrument of positive change in the world. Help me become a person who reads Scripture every day, seeking your guidance and wisdom. Amen.